Relationship Management and Marketing
Relationship Management and Marketing
Relationship management and marketing Dental Partner

Your practice profits with great marketing

From patient generation and re-activation through social media to secret shopper follow-up, treatment co-ordination and GDPR, Dental Partner offers a unique range of services to help you manage the relationship you have with your patients, acquire new patients and generate new business from those already on your database. Using the latest digital marketing tools as well as traditional techniques, the Dental Partner team will provide the services that you are simply too busy to organise and which will have a dramatic effect on the profitability of your practice.

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GDPR – are you compliant?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on 25 May 2018.  Designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe and protect personal data privacy, all UK organisations, including dental practices, must comply with the new regulations if they process personal data. There are tough penalties for those found in breach. Dental Partner team can help you remain GDPR compliant, implement new data rules that are set to come into force in 2019, assess and document additional risks and train you on practical approaches to working with the rules. Contact us now for further information on data protection.

Dental Practice Dental Parter treatment coordination

Website, Social Media and Digital Marketing

Your patients are constantly online being inspired by today’s celebrities, choosing dental treatments they want and looking for information about providers. It is more important than ever that your website and social media supports your business so your practice is the one they choose. For a small fee, the Dental Partner digital team will undertake a full analysis of your website, social media and digital strategy and report back with recommendations. These can be implemented by your team, with our support and training, or we can provide a fully-managed outsourced service.

Dental Partner marketing and relationship management

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Digital strategy development;
  • Search optimisation;
  • GDPR advice and support;
  • Paid search (PPC);
  • Display advertising;
  • Social media training;
  • Social media strategy;
  • Content creation, repurposing and distribution;
  • Video marketing;
  • News distribution;
  • Email campaign set-up and design; and
  • Website development and maintenance

New Patient Generation

Dental Partner’s patient generation programme is a totally ‘hands off’ service for practices looking to acquire new patients for cosmetic treatments. We manage everything from on-line advertising and telephone engagement through to delivering a purchase-ready patient to your practice. The pricing model for this service is based on a part fee–part performance basis that means all parties benefit from the treatments sold. While, our results have proven to be highly successful and been a major contributor to the profitability of practices.

Relationship management and marketing for dental practices

Patient Re-activation

All practices have a need to reactivate those patients you may consider ‘lost’. Practice databases are full of patients that have not been seen for many years despite sporadic attempts to reactivate them. Dental Partner’s unique patient reactivation service involves our successful telephone team contacting these ‘lost’ patients in order to re-engage with them and reminding them they are still registered with your practice. The objective is to generate an appointment during our live call for them to return for a routine dental examination. This service is totally unique in U.K. dentistry and the service is virtually self-funded as Dental Partner only charges when the patient visits.

Dental Partner patient reactivation

Patient Satisfaction Audits

How do you and your team measure up? Dental Partner will find out with satisfaction audits and surveys that will generate important feedback on what your patients really think. We’ll establish what your patients think about their dental treatment, measure overall quality of the patient experience, discover the potential to evolve your services to meet your patients’ demands and gather useful feedback about the facilities and environment.

Dental Partner patient satisfaction

Mystery Caller

First impressions count – but so does consistency in the on-going service levels you provide. The Dental Partner team will carry out secret shopper calls to establish how your practice measures up from that first important contact through to the point of delivery. As part of the service, we will monitor compliance to practice policies, systems and professional standards, measure product knowledge and communication skills and look at the provision of training to help improve your team’s response to all prospective patients.

Dental Partner mystery shopper

Distance Treatment Co-ordinator

Let Dental Partner be your treatment co-ordinator – a service that we know is proven to increase the update of planned treatment. Dental Partner will provide a new patient follow up service asking new patients for details of their first impressions of the practice, the team and the treatments offered. After their consultation appointment, Dental Partner will provide a patient call back service to discover the reasons behind their decision to go ahead with the treatment or not to proceed, talk through their queries and payment options and encourage them to continue with the treatment. All clinical questions will be referred back to the practice.

Dental Practice Dental Parter treatment coordination

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Testimonial quote
  • Thank you so much for the training. We all found it very enjoyable and agreed it was easy to understand, yet very informative.
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
  • The first class training in dental finance we received from the team has helped us offer patients affordable treatment and increase our turnover. Their advice and experience in developing the business has been invaluable.
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre

Areas of Expertise

Dental Partner has a wealth of experience in all types of marketing, training, relationship management, finance and administration. Let us help you make the most from your practice.