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Practice Management
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Good Practice Management = Great Practice Profits.

If you ensure the foundations of a dental practice are correct, continually train and mentor staff and manage the practice as a modern business that cares for its patients, your practice will thrive. Using the services of Dental Partner we can provide general practice management support, identify any problem areas, develop strategies to tackle these issues and provide tailor-made training plans that will empower your staff.

Dental Partner can also provide a range of administration services such as the provision of understandable monthly management accounts so the practice owner is fully informed, in control over costs and able to plan for the on-going profitability of the practice.

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Practice management training and mentoring

Dental Partner is delighted to have on the team Wam Sianga who works with practices to develop business and marketing strategies, based on realistic, achievable, measurable aims and objectives, empowering, training and motivating the team towards the end result.

Dental Partner increase patient numbers

Helping practices deliver the very best

At Dental Partner we work with practices looking to delivery exceptional patient-centred care and offer their clients the very best services. Through our Dental Partner team, we offer initial compliance one-day audits relating to the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Well-led

Then we are able to support and work with practices to ‘bridge any gaps’ there may be within these key areas to attain compliance. We train and mentor practice teams through a variety of tailor-made training and mentorship solutions to achieve clinical efficiency and financial effectiveness.

Dental Partner, Wam Sianga, provides managerial support and guidance services with the introduction of business operational systems that propel practices to a far higher level of productivity and profitability than previously achieved. These services include:

  • Review and update all practice policies, protocols and procedures
  • Optimising case presentation
  • Review of patient communications and marketing
  • Implementing incentive plans
  • Reducing hygiene cancellations
  • Introducing patient capitation plans and billing opportunities
  • Increasing practice productivity
  • The addition of associate dentists
  • Maximising chair utilisation

Patient communication

From general communication skills, managing the appointment book effectively to dealing with complaints, selling, increasing conversion rates/treatment plan acceptance to patient retention, communication is key. The Dental Partner team works with the practice to ensure all areas of patient communication channels are as effective as possible in order to establish a streamlined approach to patient communication.

Accounting and financial administration

Dental Partner can provide, through its team of associates, a full range of accounting and financial services to ensure that the practice is financially sound with monthly reporting, strategy development and analysis.

Dental Partner administration

Payroll Administration

Dental Partner, through its team of associates, can provide and prepare the practice’s monthly payroll including wage slips. Dental Partner will provide reports and submit the monthly RTI submissions to HMRC.


Practice management

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Testimonial quote
  • Thank you so much for the training. We all found it very enjoyable and agreed it was easy to understand, yet very informative.
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
  • The first class training in dental finance we received from the team has helped us offer patients affordable treatment and increase our turnover. Their advice and experience in developing the business has been invaluable.
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre

Areas of Expertise

Dental Partner has a wealth of experience in training, digital marketing, relationship management, finance and administration. Let us help you make the most from your practice.