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Dental Partner is a credit broker not a lender

Finance has become a fundamental requirement of modern living for your patients – and an important aspect of your practice income and client generation, re-activation and retention strategies. More than ever it is necessary for the growth of your practice to make patients aware that you offer a range of affordable finance packages and credit terms for the dental treatments they are considering.

By offering and promoting finance correctly, you will not only increase patient enquiries but give your patients the opportunity to choose treatment they might otherwise refuse – and take more expensive treatments. And with thorough staff and management training, finance can be offered without the embarrassment once felt when talking about treatments costs and payment options with your patients.

Dental Partner is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are a credit broker and not a lender (registration No. FRN 773890), qualified in credit management and accountancy and are experienced with FCA legislation and all aspects of practice management.

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Consumer Finance

The demand for cosmetic dental treatments continues to increase year on year.  This has led to the need to provide finance packages and staged payments so your patients can afford the treatments they want. At Dental Partner we offer practices a range of interest-bearing and interest-free finance packages for most patient treatments.

Dental Partner oral health consumer finance

Interest-free credit

Through Dental Partner, you can now offer six – 12 months’ interest free credit without the need for a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) licence. Your patients can enjoy the high quality dentistry and treatments that you offer for affordable monthly installments with zero percent interest free credit.

This is an effective tool that will encourage treatment take-up, patient generation and re-activation and is available on balances of £300-£50,000 making treatments suitable for everyone’s budgets and treatment needs.

With interest-free credit, as the patient is paying no or little interest, the interest charge cost is borne by the practice by way of a subsidy. This is a percentage calculated on the patient’s borrowing amount and will vary depending on the loan amount and the term of the agreement.

Interest-bearing credit

Dental Partner offers a full finance packages for practices that are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with “limited permission credit brokerage”.

Considered to be the most effective form of finance for dental practices, this has an APR which is lower than most major credit cards and is a great option for your patients

The Dental Partner team will work with you to identify which of the interest bearing offerings, with repayment periods ranging from 12 – 60 months, is best for you and your patients.

Dental Partner does not charge set-up, administration or training costs and there are no account or monthly service fees.  The only charges after your initial FCA licence cost will be the annual FCA fee and any subsidy charges on loan amounts.

Authorisation by the FCA is a daunting procedure and Dental Partner will be happy to apply on your behalf or support your application with advice and information.

Business Finance

This is wide-ranging area of the business and covers finance for the acquisition of equipment to keep a practice in the forefront of today’s modern treatments. Dental Partner can, through its association, provide competitive rates and terms for the leasing or finance for the purchase of new dental equipment. Deferred purchase terms or leasing for the refurbishment of premises can also be arranged. Finance for the acquisition of other practices is handled by a specialist Partner.

Dental Partner business finance

Finance training

Training your staff to promote and sell finance is critical to its successful implementation and use. Dental Partner has experienced trainers who will come to your practice and fully train your staff on how finance works, how to use the system, and how to use the products available correctly.  We will advise you on advertising guidelines and how to market the finance within your practice.  We will provide literature and advertising material for your practice and provide on-going support. Finance training qualifies towards your CPD. Find out more here.

Dental Partner patient focused training


There is no cost for arranging a finance facility through Dental Partner. However, the lender charges a subsidy, which is a percentage of the loan amount, and this will vary with the loan period. Dental Partner has facilities with lenders so that a practice can offer 12 months interest-free and no Finance Conduct Authority (FCA) licence is required. Alternatively, should the practice wish to offer their patients longer periods to repay, then an interest-bearing facility is available, but a licence from the FCA is required. Dental Partner can assist if you wish to apply for your licence from the FCA who will charge an application fee.

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Testimonial quote
  • Thank you so much for the training. We all found it very enjoyable and agreed it was easy to understand, yet very informative.
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
  • The first class training in dental finance we received from the team has helped us offer patients affordable treatment and increase our turnover. Their advice and experience in developing the business has been invaluable.
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre

Area of Expertise

Dental Partner has a wealth of experience in training, relationship management, finance and administration. We offer competitive rates, great service, thorough training from one of the professions’s best trainers and continual support from our great administration team. Let us help you make the most from your practice.