Working together, your practice profits
Working together, your practice profits

Your practice partner in performance and profit

Your patients have become more knowledgeable and demanding. They are aware of implants, veneers, and white fillings – and understand that a happy and healthy mouth will make them look and feel better. Patients no longer have to accept their teeth as they are – and a trip to the dentist is not just about an annual check-up, braces and fillings.

The celebrity factor combined with improvements in treatment technology and accessibility to finance have changed dentistry and dental practices forever. Your clients want great service, extensive treatment options, knowledgeable and trained staff and a professionally-run practice too. And they can easily make, or break, a practice with online posts, reviews and comments.

As more treatment options become available, dental practices must choose which services they offer. But good dental skills on their own are not enough. Your dental practice has to have the administration, sales, marketing, finance and management skills to ensure that you can offer these new treatments. And you’ll need training, support and assistance with this.

This is where Dental Partner steps in – helping your dental practice with our range of dental business services and making a difference in how you operate in four key areas.

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Finance is a fundamental aspect of modern living. It is, therefore, necessary, if your practice is to increase the levels of business, to make patients aware that the practice can provide credit terms for treatments. We can help you with this.


Staff Training

Improving dental skills and increasing the knowledge and abilities of the practice staff will produce the desired increase in the profitability of the practice and the investment made to acquire the additional skills.

Relationship management and marketing Dental Partner

Relationship Management & Marketing

From patient generation and re-activation to secret shopper follow-up and treatment co-ordination, Dental Partner helps you manage the relationship you have with your patients, acquire new patients and generate new business from those already on your database.

Administration Dental Partner

Practice Management

The Dental Partner team can offer full practice management support with one-day compliance and management audits, strategy development, training and mentoring.

Dental Partner Our Services
Testimonial quote
  • Thank you so much for the training. We all found it very enjoyable and agreed it was easy to understand, yet very informative.
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
    Natalie Wiltshire – Euro Dental Care
  • The first class training in dental finance we received from the team has helped us offer patients affordable treatment and increase our turnover. Their advice and experience in developing the business has been invaluable.
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre
    Ronald Brown – Hampton Wick Dental Centre
  • Dental Partner helped implement a payment facility allowing clients to make monthly payments on services. This has made cosmetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry affordable! There was a short course on how to use the payment facility, with step-by-step instructions and tips for improving case acceptance. Now, reception can apply for a payment plan while patients are still at the clinic, and return with results within an hour.
    Dr Lourens Bester – Valley Dental Clinic
    Dr Lourens Bester – Valley Dental Clinic

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